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Al-Ko BM5001R Scythe Mower (Delivered Assembled) 2547 Tried and tested technology, outstanding cutting performance and exempProduct Details
Al-Ko BM875II Scythe Bar Mower (Delivered Assembled) 2548 For smaller areas of meadow and pasture choose this more compact modelProduct Details
Al-Ko GW50 Lawn Roller / Garden Roller 3049 So as to increase germination, newly sown grass and other seeds shouldProduct Details
Al-Ko KHS3700L Electric Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter 2024 The Al-Ko KHS3700L Log Splitter is powered by an 1500w motor and is anProduct Details
Al-Ko KHS5200L Electric Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter 3642 The Al-Ko KHS5200L is a horizontal log splitter mounted on a sturdy tuProduct Details
Al-Ko LHS5500 Electric Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter 3643 The Al-Ko LHS5500 is a powerful vertical log splitter designed to takeProduct Details
Al-Ko LHS6000 Electric Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter 3644 This heavy-duty domestic log splitter delivers 6 tonnes of pressure foProduct Details
Alko 2500RS Dynamic Electric Garden Shredder 3035 Robust and powerful to meet high shredding needs, ALKO Dynamic Garden Product Details
Alko K390 Composter / Compost Bin 975 The Al-Ko K390 Composter is designed to significantly hasten the rottiProduct Details
Alko Micro Dynamic Electric Garden Shredder 3036 The AL-KO Micro Dynamic Garden Shredder features twin cutting action fProduct Details
Alko Power Slider 2000R Electric Garden Shredder 130 The new ALKO Power Slider Garden Shredders are designed for the small-Product Details
Alko Power Slider 2500R Electric Garden Shredder 188 Sharing the same features as the ALKO Power Slider 2000R, the ALKO 250Product Details
Alko Shredder Bag (110270) 987 This generous sized collection box with its 75 litre capacity makes itProduct Details
Alko SP3500 Silent Power Electric Garden Shredder 1924 Recycle your garden"s entire waste output without annoying the neighboProduct Details
Alko SP5000 Silent Power Electric Garden Shredder 3118 For more power and a faster work-rate, choose this step-up model with Product Details
Alko TCS 2500 Electric Garden Shredder 3018 Save £80 on the TCS Garden Shredder from AL-KO! This superior built Product Details
Alko US45-22 Drop Garden Spreader (110301) 988 The Al-Ko US45-22 Garden Spreader has a 22 litre capacity and a 45cm wProduct Details
Apache Aerator for Euro 1 Garden Tiller 4379 FREE DELIVERY 3-4 DAYS! 12 MONTH MANUFACTURER"S WARRANTY.

Product Details
Apache Dethatcher for Euro 1 Garden Tiller 4380 FREE DELIVERY 3-4 DAYS! 12 MONTH MANUFACTURER"S WARRANTY.

Product Details
Apache Euro 1 Garden Tiller - Bundle Deal (Includes: Aerator/Det 490 Buy the Apache Euro 1 Tiller with the above three attachments - aeratProduct Details
Apache Euro 1 Garden Tiller (Special Offer) 4378 A compact, easy machine, with a powerful 4 hp SV40 engine that will taProduct Details
Apache Euro 5 Garden Cultivator 150 The best buy in its class for all round use. A 5.0hp Briggs & StrattonProduct Details
Apache Euro 5H Garden Cultivator (Honda Engine) 151 The Apache Euro 5 Garden Cultivator is now also available with an easyProduct Details
Apache Extension Tines for Euro 5/5H Garden Cultivator 152 The tilling width of the Euro 5 & Euro 5H may be extended from 57cm toProduct Details
Apache M210 Sickle Bar Mower 4389 This self-propelled sickle bar mower (or scythe mower) will cut long gProduct Details
Apache Ridger for Euro 1 Garden Tiller 4381 FREE DELIVERY 3-4 DAYS! 12 MONTH MANUFACTURER"S WARRANTY.

Product Details
Apache Ridger for Euro 5/5H Garden Cultivator 153 FREE DELIVERY 3-4 DAYS! 12 MONTH MANUFACTURER"S WARRANTY.

Product Details
Apache RTT3 Rear Tine Garden Tiller 4386 The Apache RTT3 is a rear tine cultivator driven by large diameter pneProduct Details
Ardisam 6014V Compact Rear Tine Cultivator 3127 This compact rear-tine cultivator from Adrisam is the lowest priced prProduct Details
Ardisam Badger 850 Pro Petrol Cultivator 3389 Offering an unbeatable combination of power, build-quality and superioProduct Details
Ardisam Earthquake Badger 650 Front-Tine Rototiller (Special Off 5256 This version of the Ardisam Badger Rototiller has a higher grade 6.5 hProduct Details
Ardisam Earthquake MC43E 3-in-1 Tiller/Cultivator with Electric 3575 The Ardisam 3-in-1 Tiller/Cultivator is also available with the added Product Details
Ardisam Earthquake MC43R 3-in-1 Tiller/Cultivator with Dethatche 3565 You can save time and effort around the garden with this compact and hProduct Details
Ardisam MC43R Petrol Mini-Tiller 1841 The Ardisam MC43R Petrol Mini-Tiller’s compact working-width (adjustProduct Details
Ardisam W1265B 12-Tonne Petrol Log-Splitter (Briggs Engine) 1712 Powerful, versatile and easily portable, the Ardisam W1265B will proveProduct Details
Ardisam W1265V 12-Tonne Petrol Log-Splitter (Viper Engine) 1713 If you’re looking for a fast, efficient and convenient way to preparProduct Details
Centurion Meppy Cultivator (Briggs & Stratton Engine) 5542 Basic garden cultivator with solid steel frame and reliable 4 hp BriggProduct Details
Centurion Polo 50R Cultivator (Honda Engine) 5544 This simple to operate and easy starting petrol cultivator with forwarProduct Details
Crevice Cleaner (For Mantis Tiller/Cultivator) 1992 The Crevice Cleaner is made of braided steel, to rip grass and weeds fProduct Details
Dori MD40M Garden Tiller/Cultivator 1653 A great entry level tiller for those of you working to a budget. EquipProduct Details
Dori MD40R Garden Tiller/Cultivator 1696 Experience excellent value for money with the Dori MD40R Tiller/CultivProduct Details
Dori MD50R Garden Tiller/Cultivator 1920 The Dori MD50R Tiller/Cultivator is equipped with a Subaru Robin 6hp OProduct Details
Dori Transport Wheel (For Dori MD40M, MD40T & MD40R Garden Tille 1921 For additional manoeuvrability this transport wheel can be fixed to thProduct Details
Eastwood EVLS10T 10 Ton Petrol Powered Vertical Log Splitter 6306 This high powered petrol log splitter delivers an incredibly large splProduct Details
Edger Attachment (For Mantis Tiller/Cultivator) 1991 The Border Edger cleanly cuts away turf along paths, walkways and alonProduct Details
Einhell BG-GR-57 Lawn & Garden Roller 6316 This extra wide lawn roller from Einhell has a 57 cm (22”) working wProduct Details
Einhell BG-MT 3336 Petrol Mini-Tiller 65 The Einhell BG-MT 3336 Single-Speed Petrol Mini-Tiller is equipped witProduct Details
Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Tiller / Cultivator 3569 This quality petrol cultivator is the best priced product in its classProduct Details
Einhell BG-RT 7530 Electric Tiller 3597 This quality electric tiller has been German engineered by Einhell andProduct Details
Einhell BT-LC 400 Log Cutting Saw / Bench Saw 3818 Offering the safest and easiest way to saw up branches and small-mediuProduct Details

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