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Ride on mowers are the oxymoron of the gardening world. It's a bright day outside, the sun is shining and you feel like you have sufficiently recovered from the previous nights drinking "session" enough to think you are ready to tackle that overgrown lawn. You just on your ride on mower and essentially do what any young boy would love to do for free and you cut the grass. The problem is can you really be bold enough to call it a chore? Can you look at your wife with your "look what I did, surely I deserve a slice of apple pie" eyes and she tells you what you did wasn't a chore deserved of a treat. Instead she hands you a ticket for being over the limit and passes you the tea-towel to dry the dishes. You cry a little inside to sustain you manly charms but you know she's right. Can cutting the lawn using a ride on mower be described as anything other than a treat? Not only do you get to sit on top of what you could quite easily be forgiven for believing is the worlds largest toy, a toy you can "pretend" is a machine for serious work, but we all know driving it around the garden is much better than pushing a petrol lawnmower. The enjoyment of course would be derived from the type of ride on mower you happen to have. Perhaps you are reading this because you are looking to increase your enjoyment whilst in search for your proverbial apple pie, you could even be forgiven for not having yet invested in the secret machine gardeners are using to turn a chore into nothing other than a joy. The device you chose is almost always relative to the size of your garden and your budget. Here we will discuss some of the things you should consider before purchasing. The benefits of a large cutting deck isn't always proportional to that size. It really depends on the architecture of your garden, whether you have bushes to navigate on your wild Sunday adventures or if it's just a lawn garden with not so many corners or gates to enter, the average size being around 28 inches. Now the more features a rideon mower has, the more expensive it's going to be generally. Electric keystart, twin blades rather than single, variables on the cutting heights, storage and engine size etc. It's the immense manoeuvrability of this machine that makes it so popular with those who have large gardens, it saves time and allows you to actually relax in your open area rather than plugging away and making it feel like a chore. If you have a garden over an acre, consider a ride on lawn tractor instead. Lawn tractors tend to have a cutting width of 34 to 50+ inches. Ride on lawnmower brands include John Deere, Al-Ko, Honda, Castelgarden, Craftsman, Lawn King, Mountfield and Westwood. If budget is not a problem then the John Deere X534 is unrivalled by its competitors whereas View the suggested ride on mowers or lawn tractors.


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